Frequently Asked Questions

Entrance services include spa pool – akasori and traditional bath – stone bed – salt room – scalp consultation and brushing (women) – rest rooms and other public spaces.

In addition to entrance services, clients can use manicure and pedicure services, facials, specialized body and face scrubs, fish spa, skin and hair services, oxygen bar, coffee shop and restaurant.

In this case, the consumption of the provided services can be charged to the guest’s account and paid at the time of departure.

The entrance services are (spa pool-accessory-stone bed-salt room-skin and hair consultation-and other public spaces). The cost of input services (1,100,000 Tomans) with value added tax is 1,199,000 Tomans.

Regarding massage services, the prices vary from 600,000 tomans to 2,000,000 tomans.

Restaurant and coffee shop prices are from 60,000 tomans to 900,000 tomans.

It is mandatory to bring a personal swimsuit (swimsuit) for women and men.

It is not recommended to use the services of the SPA Hana center during menstruation and for pregnant women, people with movement problems, children and very old people.

No, you can use the collection services during working hours.

You can buy a gift card online:

You can visit the gift card page at to choose the desired package of your gift card and buy it online. Before buying a gift card, see the online shopping guide to know how to buy.

Gift cards will be sent to the buyer’s address after issuance.

It should be noted that gift cards can be purchased for one session. Therefore, if you need, you can buy multi-session cards, which can be purchased in the membership packages section.

Yes, keep in mind that 9% VAT is added to the amount of gift cards.

Gift cards are valid for 3 months.


Service time for ladies:

Every day from 9 am to 4 pm except Fridays
Sundays from 9 to 21

Service time for men:

Every day from 17:00 to 24:00 except Sundays
Fridays from 10:00 to 22:00

No, unfortunately it is not possible to babysit at the moment.

Yes, if you want to use the services of the center no matter any way you have purchased the gift card, make sure to make a reservation before visiting the collection.